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Only Fans

July 01, 2020 Desy Gato & Friends Season 1 Episode 7
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This episode is about Only Fans!!! Listen to us talk about:

1. What is only fans?
2. Several Different ways to make money on only fans
3. Protecting your content and yourself
4. Fan retention (Keeping the fans you get)
5. How to grow your only fans and get more fans!
6. What do you do with all that hard earned money? 
7. only fans VS getting your own website

& other trending topics!!

What is only fans?
ALL the different ways you can make money on only fans!
Pricing your content and incentivizing your fans!
Why would you have a free page?
Protecting your content and yourself!
Strategies for making money on BOTH free and paid pages on onlyfans!
Page Protection
What to do with your new wealth!
Only Fans VS having your own website
Growing your fan count, is it hard?
Trending Topics! (6ix9ine, Quarantine, and more!)