House of Desy

That Boosted Chick

October 02, 2020 Desy Gato & Friends Season 1 Episode 17
House of Desy
That Boosted Chick
Show Notes

Today's episode was freaking awesome!

We got to interview @ThatBoostedChick and talk about how her career started, where she's headed and how she became the boss she is today. We talked about the modeling industry, discussed our unpopular opinions and of course, we talked about sex ;) 

Some of the topics we touched:
1. Traveling
2. Freedom
3. Sexuality
4. Modeling & Car industry
5. Tik Tok
6. The origin of Boosted Chick and more about her life
7. Upcoming projects
8. Social media
8. Unpopular Opinions and more!

Tune in!